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How to write nice design brief for logo in 2023

Opublikowano dnia: 12 marca 2023

In this post, I will tell you why it is worth preparing an exhaustive brief for the designer to whom we entrust our order and what should be included in it. If you expect the right results from cooperation, you should read this.

What should a well written brief contain?

  1. General information about your company.
  2. Who are your competitors?
  3. A main history of your company (if any).
  4. Your mission and the goals you want to achieve.
  5. Your target audience.
  6. Information about where your project will be used.
  7. Logos you like the most and why.

General information

All information you need to tell designer before he start work on your project. More is better because designer can inspire to make mind maps from information he got from you and it can give you better final result of his work.

Who are your competitors

Designer need to know your competitors first before he make project for you, so he can make your design stand out in the industry.

Your mission and goals

Know your main goals can help designer take a right direction of what impression you are going to make with your fresh logo design.

Target audience

People what are interested in your company and services. Main by different age and gender.

What logos you like the most

You can always check websites with good inspiration and choose 2-3 logos you really like. It will help designer a lot to know what style you prefer, but you can always listen what designer have to offer.

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